I’m Ashley, a dedicated mom of three wonderful children—two energetic boys, ages 5 and 3, and our sweet little girl, who is 1. Life in our household is always buzzing with activity, laughter, and of course delightful chaos that comes with raising young kids.

Our family's journey is unique and incredibly fulfilling as we navigate the world of homeschooling. Every day presents new opportunities for learning and creating memorable experiences together. As a mom who thrives on planning and organization, I find joy in crafting new educational resources and fun activities to keep my kids engaged and happy.

I hold a bachelor's degree in education and have had the privilege of teaching middle school science for four years. My love for education didn't stop there; I went back to school to become a registered nurse, combining my passion for teaching with my desire to help others. While I cherish my nursing career, my heart is currently dedicated to being a present and involved mother. I believe in raising happy, respectful, and successful children, and that's the core inspiration behind Planning Mama Printables.

On this site, I want to share resources designed to make parenting a little smoother and a lot more fun. Whether you're looking for a new craft project, an educational activity, or simply some inspiration, Planning Mama is here to support and inspire you on your parenting journey.

Thank you for joining us! I hope Planning Mama Printables becomes a valuable resource for your family, helping you create wonderful memories and joyful moments together.

Welcome to Planning Mama Printables!

person typing on MacBook Pro on brown wooden table during daytime photo
person typing on MacBook Pro on brown wooden table during daytime photo